by and with Letizia Bravi e Marco De Francesca
playwriting Giulia Tollis
directed by Riccardo Mallus
video Julian Soardi 
sound design Gianluca Agostini
set design Stefano Zullo
light design Martino Minzoni
set design assistant Giulia Meduri

Produced by Ecate in collaboration with Guinea Pigs
with the contribution of ZONA K and Next – Laboratory of ideas for the production and distribution of the Lombardy Live Show – 2019/2020 Edition and with the support of Teatro delle Moire

Finalist In-Box 2022

Performative action included in “Intercettazioni” Artistic Residence Center of Lombardy: a project by CLAPS and Industria Scenica, Milano Musica, Teatro delle Moire, ZONA K, with the contribution of the Lombardy Region, MiBAC and Fondazione Cariplo

In-Box Generation 2022 award

#nuovipoveri is a play that investigates the relationship between economy and society, self-perception, representation and self-narration of the concepts of wealth and poverty. Who are the new poor today? How do they tell themselves and society? How does society tell them? And how much truth is there in these narratives?

On stage, in the arena of an abandoned circus, there are Letizia and Marco, an actress and an actor grappling with a small community of new poor people: five people who do not live in the deepest poverty but who, for different reasons, they do not meet the consumption parameters, they do not fall within recognized professional categories, they do not correspond, by necessity or by choice, to the economic and cultural models dictated by Western society.
These new poor people make their appearance on video, tell their story in the intimate space of a stolen interview, reveal their moods through a look, the ripple of a smile, hand movements. Letizia and Marco listen to them, question them and interpret them.
Between one interview and another, the two performers converse with the audience, confide in them episodes of their private lives, talk about their bank accounts and show production expenses, give voice to nightmares of poverty and dreams of wealth.

#nuovipoveri is also a play about money and its contradictions, about the power it has to change the balance and dynamics of relationships, to decide the days of individuals, the happiness of families and the construction of the identity of an entire society. Poverty of means and resources, of relationships, of ideas and knowledge, of concrete possibilities in imagining one’s present and a possible future.

22 March @ Supercinema – Monteroni d’Arbia
20 March @ Fondazione Claudia Lombardi per il Teatro – Lugano

18 November @  Centro Artistico il Grattacielo – Livorno
13 November @ Smart Lab – Rovereto
12 November @ Cantiere 26 – Arco di Trento
20 May @ In-Box dal vivo Festival

5-6-7 November @ Zona K – Milano

12-13 September @ Teatro Trieste – Piacenza
4 September @ Invisible Cities Festival – Gradisca d’Isonzo

Associazione Culturale Laboratorio d’Arte Performativa Guinea Pigs

P. Iva | C. F 11504490969

Via Bernardo Davanzati 28
20158 Milano – Italia