In Lotta con la realtà / Facing reality is a format that involves the creation of spatial and sound devices that interact with the audience. The collected contents are then used to create live performances.
The research topics change at each stage, in relation to the context in which the work is inserted.
Each stage includes a site-specific design in collaboration with organizations, associations, groups of citizens paying attention to the needs of the territory and to the reference communities. The members of the company usually meet the promoters of the initiative (artistic direction of a festival, an exhibition or a cultural event; public or private institution) and work together with locals, in order to allow the artists to familiarize themselves with people, places, social and cultural terrain in which the work fits. Together with the promoters, the artists identify the actors, times, methods and objectives of the creative process that will lead to the creation of the interactive installation and live performance.

Conception and realization  Guinea Pigs and Laboratorio Anelo 1997
Curator Marco De Francesca
Artistic director Riccardo Mallus
Playwriting Giulia Tollis
Sound design Gianluca Agostini
Set Design Anelo1997

Produced by Guinea Pigs 
with Laboratorio Anelo 1997, Festival Internazionale Castel dei MondiEquilibrio Dinamico Dance Company, Associazione Quarantasettezeroquattro/Festival Urbano e Multimediale InVisible Cities


stage #1 – Sovra/Esposizioni – Over/Exposures
@ IT FESTIVAL 2017, 9/10/11th of June 2017, Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan
performers Marco De Francesca and Francesco Martucci
produced by Guinea Pigs

Sovra/Esposizioni – Over/Exposures was created in 2017 for the outdoor space of Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan, a tram factory now converted into a multifunctional space that hosts artistic and cultural events and exhibitions.
For IT -Independent Theater Festival- Guinea Pigs, in collaboration with Anelo1997, built an iron installation with the aim of welcoming Festival spectators and Milanese citizens inside an interactive work: an intimate and public room at the same time, where to converse with oneself and with the Festival’s community.

stage #2 – Il Futuro è una trappola? / Is the future a trap?
29/30/31st of August 2017, Palazzo Beltrani Trani
Performers Gianluca Agostini, Marco De Francesca, Betti Rollo, Equilibrio Dinamico Dance Company

Produced by Castel dei Mondi International Festival, Guinea Pigs with Equilibrio Dinamico Dance Company

Il Futuro è una trappola? / Is the future a trap? was created in 2017 for the contemporary art museum of Trani housed in Palazzo Beltrani, one of the historic buildings of the city and venue of the Castel dei Mondi Festival in Andria. The sculpture Isola Comacina by Anelo1997 was implemented by a network of sensors that capture the presence of visitors and activate sound contributions: voices, stories, testimonies and anecdotes on the subject of the Future. Visitors could interact with the installation by answering a question, or a provocation, with a personal contribution – the story of an experience, an image, a fragment of memory – which was recorded by the device and returned later, randomly mixed up with other contributions. The visitors’ responses, translated into texts, images and sounds, made up the playwriting of the performance presented at the Festival by performers and dancers.

stage #3 – Identità in transito / Identities in transit
from the 03rd to the 07th of  September 2020, Gradisca d’Isonzo
Performers Letizia Bravi, Marco De Francesca, Martina Drigo, Francesco Martucci, Giulia Tollis, Riccardo Mallus
Produced by Quarantasettezeroquattro Association/InVisible Cities Urban and Multimedia Festival and Guinea Pigs

Identità in transito / Identities in transit was the third stage of the project, a physical and sound installation available to the public and to the artists of 2020 edition of the Invisible Cities Urban and Multimedia Festival in Gradisca d’Isonzo.
An interactive structure, between sculpture and architecture, which could be played, inhabited, or even just crossed and listened to. Visitors could decide how long to inhabit the structure and how. They could walk through the sculpture to hear a message, to answer a question, to hear anonymous and unique contributions. The investigation subject of this stage was the border, the border between ourselves and the others, the intimate and the private, the border between the known and the unknown, between the understandable and the unthinkable, between everyone’s truth and propaganda for all.

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