This project was born from an observation: Italy today is limited.

Can Italianness really be defined?
Does it make sense to do this and why?
What conflicts does this definition or this need for definition generate?
What transformations does it generate or should it generate in society?
What inequalities does it produce and feed?

Italia è relativa / Italy is limited deals with political issues that concern our present and our future: citizenship rights and the debate between ius sanguinis, ius soli and ius culturae; equal opportunities for education, health, work, culture for all, regardless of origin, provenance, religious, political, sexual orientation.


School workshops with girls and boys between 13 and 20 years of new generations

The proposal for workshops is included in a theatrical project that aims to intercept and tell new stories and points of view on those who live in Italy today and who are between 13 and 20 years old: girls and boys born and/or raised in Italy from families of non-Italian origin.
The project aims to give voice to the protagonists of this transformation, to their peers, to the adults of reference for them, to understand what are the fears, questions, desires, future prospects of a generation.
Desires will be at the center of this process to enhance new cultural and civil values ​​and objectives.

Active laboratories
2 extracurricular workshops as part of the Cariplo LAIVin 2021-2024 Foundation project at the Gaetana Agnesi High Schools in Milan (MI) and PACLE Elsa Morante High Schools in Limbiate (MB)

Theater production

The second part of the project is developed as a real theater production in which the Guinea Pigs Performing Art Laboratory will involve a selected group of teenagers in the creation of a show. Every aspect of the creative work will therefore be thought, written, composed and acted out in collaboration and dialogue with the group.
Depending on their aptitudes, teenagers will be able to actively collaborate in the conception, writing, set design, sound and video composition. Some of them will be performers together with the Guinea Pigs actresses and actors.
About contents and forms, the point of view will be that of an adolescent or a group of teenagers and on stage we will witness a contemporary story that crosses the contradictions and desires of a generation that, in addition to adolescence, he has to deal with at least two cultures of belonging, with their narratives, contradictions and dysfunctions, resources and possibilities.
The playwriting will develop starting from the meetings that the company holds through the workshops: meetings with adolescents, but also with reference adults, above all in the field of education (teachers, managers…), free time (educators, coaches, music teachers, art…, religious figures), institutions (social workers, psychologists, judges…).
Actresses and actors of the company will interpret in the show the world of adults that revolves around the protagonists and adolescent protagonists.
The dramaturgy will start from experiences gathered in the field to translate into fiction.
The scenic device sees all the performers embody fictional characters and situations from which to break the convention of the theatrical text, to directly question the public, to explore the issues raised or to express their points of view even in contradiction with the actions of the characters.

The project is looking for residences and realities with which to collaborate both national and international.

Contact: Giulia Tollis +39 347 7957214

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