Guinea Pigs was founded in 2014 in Milan.
The first artistic project is Atti di Guerra (Acts of war) which debuts in 2016 at the Primavera Festival dei Teatri and it goes on tour in some of the main festivals dedicated to the national contemporary scene, including Festival Inequilibrio and Zoom Festival.
Atti di Guerra wins the Journalist’s Jury Prize @ Giovani Realtà del Teatro, the Best Theatre Performance Award @ Festival Young Station and it’s finalist at the Cassino Off Award for civil commitment and performing arts.
During the 2018 theatrical season the play is chosen by the artistic direction of Zona K in Milan for the Focus People in which Guinea Pigs company is programmed alongside international collectives such as Berlin's She She Pop and the Canadian Mammalian Diving Reflex.

In 2017, in collaboration with the Theatre Out Off in Milan, the company produced the show Casca la terra by Fabio Chiriatti winning “Siae Sillumina 2016”, a national call for new production.

Still during 2017, Guinea Pigs starts the research and creation process for site and people specific projects between installation and performance called In lotta con la realtà (Fighting against reality).
The first installation and performance, called Sovra / Esposizioni (over/exposition), is presented within IT - Independent Theater Festival, in Milan.
The second installation, called Il futuro è una trappola? ( Is the future a trap?) is co-produced by the Castel dei Mondi Festival and it sees the collaboration of Guinea Pigs with Equilibrio Dinamico Dance Company.

In 2018, the collaboration with Museocity for the AMUSE project, funded by Fondazione Cariplo, begins: during 2019 the artists Guinea Pigs will conceive and perform theatrical and performative interventions within some museums of the metropolitan city of Milan.

Other projects in progress are: #nuovipoveri (#thenewpoor), multi-disciplinary research that investigates the relationships between economy and society, self-perception, representation and self-narration of wealth and poverty; Death, Temporary Heading, a concert-show inspired by the mystery of Death.