Acts of War

Concept and direction Riccardo Mallus
Playwright Giulia Tollis
By and with Letizia BraviMarco De FrancescaFrancesco MartucciFederico Meccoli
Sound Design Gianluca Agostini
Movement Betti Rollo
Costume Laura Dondi
Light Design Martino Minzoni

Contemporary hidden wars not recognized or seen by our society.
Two acts in one fluid scenic vision where acting, sound design, dramaturgy and movement are strongly connected.

Main characters are two teenagers who secretly date because nobody has to know they’re together. They date in a park when after playing and kissing it gets dark. In the night the park becomes the place owned by a local gang. The boss and his dudes joke around with the couple and what at first seems a joke it becomes soon an ultimatum: “with or without us”.


It takes place in a kitchen of a rented apartment. Three anonymous and bored 30 years old guys rent an escort at home through a web site. She’s got a protocol to follow and she hides a secret which those three guys are gonna experience on their skin. So, while they’re fucking, the body of this girl, without a name or a story, becomes a battleground of ghosts, fears, obsessions and desires.

Production Guinea Pigs
In collaboration with ERT - Emilia Romagna Teatro
With the support of Armunia, di Manifattura K
and of Teatro Garybaldi di Settimo Torinese 

Journalists’ award at Giovani Realtà del Teatro 2015
Best theatre performance at Festival Young Station 2015
Finalist at Premio Cassino Off 2017

Four actors on stage, their bodies, their words, the sound and the light: these are elements of Atti di Guerra/Acts of War.
Two different tensions: from one side the will to be close, into the story, to acts of violent we evok on stage, without any decoration or special effects; from the other side the tension towards a theatre language far from the realism of representation. We want to make possibile to look at acts of violence not as if they were real, but through a magnifying glass, which isolate details with a surgical eye.
The result of this research is a play in which the story and representation run into two parallel binaries talking each other constantly. The story is given by words: hyper realistic, detailed, often in subjective shot. The representation is given by bodies, by sounds and by light: metaphorical and sometimes metatheatrical.
The aim not declared is to create a prysm that can put people’s eyes close to those slivers of unjustified violence which can, as the reality shows, explode everywhere.


We started from two Goldoni’s plays: chances to start a consideration around dynamics of prevarication, mistreatment and violence. The story of Arlecchino soldier into “ L’amante militare” is the foundation of the first scene of our Atti di Guerra /Acts of War.
Un Angolo di Buio/A spot of darkness contextualizes and translates these days the story by Goldoni and words used on stage are influenced by the style of communication of 2.0 generation: post on social networks and messages on Whatsapp.
The central position of a woman who watches with coolness and distance the scene, the play, the camaraderie, the money, the abuse of power by a man who wins on a woman, are all elements from the play “La Guerra” by Goldoni. We decided to use these elements to create our second act “La regola del branco/The Pack’s rule”.
Much of the text is written with the actors, working through attempts, proposals and tests.
The playwright is fed by contributions of all the members of the company which has shared the research on a wall of a private Facebook account created specially for the project.
The final result is a fruit of a big work of improvisation, rehearsals and openings but also a personal synthesis focused on how to choose best contents and shapes to expose complex dynamics of relation and power to the audience.

24-24 maggio @ Zona K di Milano
9 Febbraio @ Teatro comunale di Villazzano

18 Agosto Punto al Capo Festival di Tricase
6-7 Maggio @ Teatro Quarticciolo di Roma
19 Gennaio @ ITC Teatro San Lazzaro di Savena
14 Gennaio  @ Teatro Scientifico di Verona

3 Dicembre @ Zoom Festival
8 Luglio @ Inequilibrio Festival
1 Giugno @ Festival Primavera dei Teatri
17 Maggio @ Teatro Filodrammatici di Piacenza
14 Maggio @ Teatro Garybaldi di Settimo Torinese